I am happy to announce a completely new program from VedaWiseBalance & Beauty in You is a unique course in that it shifts the usual focus in weight loss programs from calculations, categories and calorie counting to wholesome, holistic, self-affirming, nourishing, joyful balance.

Ayurveda suggests that while weight gain in women may relate to food choices, the primary cause is imbalance.  Therefore, we seek to restore balance first. Working with an integrated offering of stress reduction, food wisdom, exercise, herbs and pranayam, this program is designed to help you feel your very best, first and foremost.

Beauty is Truth: A Revelation of your Soul

Program Overview

* 6 months, beginning Monday, July 16th
* Small group, women-only
* One Monthly Group Conference Call (will take a vote for best time)
* Weekly Emails with step-by-step integration
* Seasonal Recipes
* Exercise Guidance
* Ayurvedic Wisdom for achieving Balance and Optimal Weight
* Meditation Recording
* Facebook Group Page
* One 20-minute Laser Coaching Session by Phone

You Will Need

Facebook Page
A Willing Heart

Success will depend on your willingness to engage with the community, sharing ideas, inspiration, victories, and to be accountable, honest, and true.

I will offer suggestions and guidance for food and herbs but will leave it to you to source and purchase items. Banyan Botanicals is the best source for the herbal formulas will be using, as well as the Organic Split Mung Beans that are a key cleansing food.

I can’t emphasize enough how different this program is from standard weight loss programs. Our focus is on stress reduction, breathing exercises, balancing activities, seasonal, whole foods, and herbs to cleanse tissues, reduce doshas, and strengthen the endocrine system. You do not have to know anything about Ayurveda, or Yoga, but a willingness to be open, to try new things, to slow down, to participate in acts of self-forgiveness, loving kindness and self-care is vital.

We are also lucky to have Dr. Melanie Fiorella, MD, on board as an advisor to the program. If this is successful, we may have the chance in the future to study it through the UCSD system. But for now, it is just us ~ very personal and intimate.

Beauty is Freedom

Best of all, you get to be among the first to experience this transformative new program and will play a key role in assessing its impact. Those joining this launch of Balance & Beauty will enjoy a deeply reduced fee in return for their particpation in fine-tuning the program. I will be looking for your insights and experiences of what works and what doesn’t in terms of group dynamics, method of delivery, ease of adoption of the various practices, resistance tendencies and your degree of personal success.

You need to commit to this as a fully integrated approach (it won’t work if you pick and choose), and to take responsibility for your own success or failure. This, in turn, becomes a deep commitment to yourself!

The reduced cost is only $36 a month ~ $60 a month, or $360 overall savings ~ with automatic billing repeating on the date your first sign up.

If you want to join us, you can register here. If you still have questions, please email me at lauraplumb@san.rr.com.

Thank you & Namaste! 

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