Bhava_0203Calling all wizards and mermaids, adventurers, lovers, dreamers and inventors, Buddhas, Sages, Sadhakas and Yogis! Inside of you is something eternal and infinite; something as great as a mountain, as vast as an ocean, as beautiful as a star, as sweet as honey. It is a power that knows no bounds. A capacity to create, to heal, to love, to light up the world. You were born to know this ~ to know the magnificence of life, the power within, the radiance of your own truth, the joy of service and the deep, delightful endurance of love. This is the promise of Vedic Wisdom, what we call “VedaWise.”


VedaWise is the “organizing intelligence” for Deep YogaDeep Yoga Healing, VedaWise Ayurvedic and Jyotish Services, Laura’s Food: A Love Story, Bhava’s Sacred Practices, Vedic Therapy Trainings, Wellness Courses, Classes on Whole Food Nutrition, as well as our hand-crafted herbal products, Dancing Plums’ specialty foods, and the Prakasha line of body care. All of my courses, teachings and events will be posted there. You can also schedule consults with me there. Eventually it will grow into an online educational forum, where we will welcome your participation. So please have a visit and let us know what you think.


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