Ayurvedic Cooking

The full listing of all of my Cooking Classes for 2013 are on my VedaWise website here

Below is an example of the kind of classes I teach:

Autumn Harvest Ayurveda Cooking Class
September 29 2013,  11am-1pm 

Beginning with an informative talk on Ayurvedic Nutrition, you will learn your mind-body type, how that relates to nature and the seasons, the six tastes and best foods for your type, spicing for flavor and wellness, and Ayurvedic secrets for maintaining vibrant health through Autumn.

Together we will then prepare an organic, healthy, balancing meal and finish with Q & A while we enjoy our glorious lunch in the Buddha Garden.

This special Autumn Harvest Class includes ~

Building up when Nature Falls: Strengthening Your Reserves
Healthy Comfort Foods: Going Gently into Autumn
Keeping Warm: As Days get Darker and Colder
Anti-Aging Nutritional Support: Countering Stress
Take-home: Autumn Harvest Recipes, Ready-to-Brew Autumn Tea, a happy belly and loads of valuable wisdom for health and wellness throughout the year 

“Laura’s incredibly informative Ayurvedic cooking class provided me with the tools to revolutionize the way I eat –- the class is infused with knowledge, technique, and wisdom in the same way that the delicious, healthy food we made brimmed over with flavor. ”  ~ Robin

“Laura, I don’t even know where to begin to tell you about how good my belly feels and how it is transforming EVERYTHING for me. Trusting my body intelligence seems to have created a link for me to understanding so much more.  I honestly feel like a new dimension has just opened up to me.  I am SO grateful to you for helping me!!” ~ Wendy

Pre-registration: $65


More information

Autumn Harvest Cooking Flyer (2012 version)

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