Food: A Love Story

Paula Thomas, Getty Images

In my work I have found that the greatest need most people have is for real, deep and enduring nourishment. To help serve that need, I created Food: A Love Story to offer a collection of delicious recipes, ideas, photographs and resources to feed you, while gently demonstrating that the best medicine has always come from the beauty, the wisdom, and the nourishment of Mother Nature.

I invite you to join me in celebrating “Mother’s Medicine” by registering to receive Food: A Love Story for free. Please share your thoughts, advice and experience, too, so together we can restore health and wellness to our world.

Thank you!


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One thought on “Food: A Love Story

  1. From the first time I received your food blog in my inbox I have felt the light flowing from you through it. I’m not sure if you are aware of the power of light and joy you imbue these blog posts with. You have taken a subject that most women are guilt stricken about and have many mental and energetic issues about and opened it with a sense of joy and made food into what it truly is–a blessing and a miracle.

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