Deep Yoga

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Dedicated to the world’s great teachings, and inspired by the world’s greatest husband/Yogi/friend ~ my Yoga is Deep Yoga!

This Spring our annual Yoga Teacher Training begins April 13th, with a deep dive into the wisdom that will transform your life.

Over Mother’s Day weekend, Bhava and I will be teaching at ShaktiFest, May 11-13. In addition to our Deep Yoga classes, I will also be giving a workshop called, Shakti as Sacred Healer, Ayurveda as Divine Mother’s Medicine.

In the Summer, we will be at the San Diego Yoga Journal Conference, July 12-16. Bhava will be presenting two workshops on Yoga & Healing, as well as a morning Meditation, and together we will present a workshop on Yoga & the Art of Sustainable Community.

Also in July, we are hosting a return to San Diego of our beloved Swamiji: July 20th at the Seaside Center for Spiritual Living in Encinitas.

Our annual Mastery of Life Retreat is August 31st-September 2 at the Zen Mountain Center in Idyllwild, CA. Our Vedic Therapy Training is in October.

The Sophia Conference is December 7/8, 2013 at a beautiful location on the Bay in Coronado. We have very special guests planned!

One thought on “Deep Yoga

  1. I am a friend and student of Lexi Meyerowitz and my family has taken Adams meditation series, you come highly recommended. I was wondering what your Master of Life Retreat entailed. The web page does not open and I am interested in any/all retreats you may be planning.
    Looking forward to hearing from you,
    Janet Jacobsen

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