Journey to Sacred India

International Yoga Festival, Photo by Pete McBride

We are going back to India in February, 2014 for ourĀ Sacred India Yatra, a pilgrimage to the source of Yoga, to the mystic waters of the Ganges, to the saints and sadhakas of today who reveal for us the timeless practices of yesterday that light the way for all our tomorrows. We invite you to join us for what is surely one of the most memorable trips of a lifetime.

On the Ganges

Water is so healing, nurturing, loving. Nowhere is it more sacred than the Ganges, a river that cuts through time, carrying light on its back and the spirit of ancient sages in its belly, seeking to fertilize the valleys of humanity with its wisdom, and return us all to our source, the ocean of oneness, of unity, of divine consciousness.

Your journey beingsĀ here.

Photos of past travels are here.


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