Vedic Healer Yoga Therapy Training

#yogaHave you wanted to help people heal? Grow your practice as a Yoga teacher?  Learn to use Asana therapeutically? Expand your services as a Holistic Health-care Provider?

I invite you to consider our upcoming Deep Yoga Vedic Therapy Training. It is healing, inspiring, connecting, and a powerful step towards your fullest expression as a professional in the emerging field of integrative medicine.

#yogahealingIdeally, you will have a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training as a prerequisite, but we are open to accepting students with a deep feel for Yoga, and a connection to its ancient system of healing. Simply write and tell us about yourself, your reasons for wanting to become a Vedic Healer, and your experience with Yoga, or holistic medicine.

#yogatherapyFor Yoga Teachers, this Training offers 100 hours towards our Deep Yoga 300 or 500 hour RYT Certificate. Our Advanced Trainings are detailed here.

#yogatrainingAll the information you need is here on our Deep Yoga website.

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